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Frozen Foods

Frozen Foods
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Part Baked Petit Pain (70x55grm) 13cm Part Baked Petit Pain (70x55grm) 13cm BAGUETTES 281 £5.49  
Seeded Burger Buns (5) (Sliced) (6x8) Seeded Burger Buns (5) (Sliced) (6x8)" BUNS2 139 £6.99  
American Beef Burger (Halal)  (48x113g) American Beef Burger (Halal) (48x113g) BURGER 38 £13.49  
Chicken & Mushroom Bake (12x500g) Chicken & Mushroom Bake (12x500g) CBAKE 149 £23.99  
Corn On The Cob (24 x397g) Corn On The Cob (24 x397g) CORN 80 £18.49  
Coated Garlic Mushrooms x450grm Coated Garlic Mushrooms x450grm GARLICMUSH 1525 £2.49  
Meat Lasagne 12x500grm Meat Lasagne 12x500grm MLASAGNE2 753 £23.99  
Chicken Popcorn  6x1kg Chicken Popcorn 6x1kg POPCORN 100 £25.00  
Spaghetti Bolognese (12 x 500g) Spaghetti Bolognese (12 x 500g) SPAGHETTI 548 £23.99  
Battered Chicken Steaks (24x85g) Battered Chicken Steaks (24x85g) STEAK 360 £7.50  
Chicken & Pineapple Sticks x1.2kg Chicken & Pineapple Sticks x1.2kg TGFCHICKEN1 199 £12.99  
Chicken Teriyaki Sticks x1kg Chicken Teriyaki Sticks x1kg TGFCHICKEN2 136 £12.99  
Vegetable Lasagne (12x500grm) Vegetable Lasagne (12x500grm) VLASAGNE 280 £23.99  
Halal BBQ LAMB Ribs with Sauce (20x270-300g) Halal BBQ LAMB Ribs with Sauce (20x270-300g) LAMB 124 £52.99  
Diced Tandoori Chicken (Halal) x1kg Diced Tandoori Chicken (Halal) x1kg TANDOORI2 1115 £6.50  
(NEW) Thin Sliced Pepperoni (S/T) x1kg (NEW) Thin Sliced Pepperoni (S/T) x1kg PEPPERONI2 915 £7.49  
999 Premium Spicy Halal Beef Crumble x1kg 999 Premium Spicy Halal Beef Crumble x1kg 999BEEF 452 £5.49  
10kg x Doner Kebab (Traditional) 10kg x Doner Kebab (Traditional) KEBAB A 36 £27.50  
15kg x Doner Kebab (Traditional) 15kg x Doner Kebab (Traditional) KEBAB B 60 £40.99  
20kg x Doner Kebab (Traditional) 20kg x Doner Kebab (Traditional) KEBAB C 27 £54.99  
Chicken Doner Kebab 10kg (Traditional) Chicken Doner Kebab 10kg (Traditional) KEBAB D 45 £39.99  
Small Pitta Bread (10x12) (Frozen) Small Pitta Bread (10x12) (Frozen) PITTA1 76 £9.49  
Large Pitta Bread (20x6) (Frozen) Large Pitta Bread (20x6) (Frozen) PITTA2 105 £9.49  
Halal Turkey Stamps x1kg Halal Turkey Stamps x1kg HALALSTAMPS 74 £4.50  
6x1kg Battered Onion Rings 6x1kg Battered Onion Rings ONION2 53 £12.60